Large-company resources. Small-company agility.

United Flea Markets was born out of a passion for the enduring, contemporary flea market business that always adds fun, affordability and local flavor to its communities. As owners and operators of diverse flea markets around the country, United Flea Markets balances disciplined corporate experience, practical flea market experience, capital and resources with a more flexible structure and perspective, to create best-of-class, streamlined operations with an always evolving and creative approach.

With the means and insights of a large company, coupled with an intentionally small-business culture and approach, our balance of strong financial backing and intimate, on-the-ground market relationships allows us to create and build on a sustainable nationwide footprint. Today we are focused on responsible expansion through acquisitions that create efficiencies and—importantly—maintain each individual flea market’s character.

Creatively carrying on legacies.

The United Flea Markets view is long-term. We understand that experience and diversity represent an important component of a market’s value. And we have a vested interest in and respect for carrying on the legacies created by dedicated and immersed flea market owners. Leveraging a combination of available capital and a flat operating model, United Flea Markets is creative with terms, deal structure and timing.

We’re owners/operators first.

The hands-on United Flea Markets team not only understands the needs of vendors and guests, we also are adept at handling outside challenges such as diversified climate conditions. We’re on a mission to listen, relate and evolve to build on the past success of those who have come before us. At United Flea Markets, our goal is always to achieve the highest-caliber operations—a mix of sophisticated technology, top-level service standards and real relationships with shoppers, sellers and employees who like to have fun along the way.

Are you a flea market owner who may be interested in selling?

Call us at 720.592.0260 or email us. And of course, if you are a flea market shopper, please visit our individual flea market websites.