Large-company resources. Small-company agility.

United Flea Markets has a passion and deep understanding of the flea market business. As owners and operators of three diverse flea markets in Colorado and Florida, United Flea Markets balances large corporate experience and resources with a more intimate entrepreneurial structure and perspective, to create best-of-class, streamlined operations with an always-evolving and creative approach.

With a long-term outlook on owning and operating flea markets, we’re focused on maximizing opportunities in our industry through revenue generation within our own markets as well as acquisitions of other flea markets in strategic locations. We understand the ever-changing needs and desires of both buyers and sellers and work diligently to deliver top-notch service to today’s consumer and entrepreneur.

If you are a flea market owner who might be interested in selling, please call us at 720.592.0260 or send us an email. And of course, if you are a flea market shopper please visit our individual flea market websites.