Continuing Legacies

The United Flea Markets view is long-term, as we are focused on owning and operating a family of diverse, well-capitalized, highly successful flea markets around the country. We have a vested interest in and respect for carrying on the legacies created by the dedicated flea market owners that have come before us.

Ready when you are.

Leveraging a combination of available capital and a flat operating model, United Flea Markets is creative with terms, deal structure and timing. We have the experience to work with a range of seller needs—from simple to complex—with no financing contingency and flea market closings within 90 days of an agreed-upon purchase contract.

Keeping the culture.

We understand that experience and diversity represent an important component of a market’s value, so we strive to keep existing flea market shoppers while retaining and advancing vendors and employees. We also reinvest in our markets annually and work diligently to uncover the exceptional potential of each property. While streamlining efforts behind the scenes, we’re dedicated to highlighting the local personality of each market to make it the best place to shop, sell, work and spend the day.