Our Markets

United Flea Markets owns and operates a growing family of diverse, well-capitalized, highly successful flea markets around the country. Our shopping and entertainment offerings are unique to the communities they call home, from populated urban areas and coastal resort communities to rural areas with rolling hills. We operate in seven states around the country—with many more states to come.

It’s these special settings and cultures that give United Flea Markets a regional flavor with local influences that can’t be replicated. With this emphasis on diversity, we’re on a mission to achieve three big goals for every market we own:

  • To respect and carry on the legacies created by flea market owners who are looking to exit but want their many years of hard work and dedication to carry on for their employees, sellers and visitors/guests.
  • To remain receptive/relevant to the ever-changing desires of today’s consumers and vendors by continuing to challenge ourselves and the status quo using the knowledge, skills and abilities we obtain from every market.
  • To strategically reinvest in each market to exceed the standards and expectations of all of our vendors and guests as we continue to focus on making each market the best place to shop, sell, work and spend the day.