Tanque Verde Swap Meet to add Comida Park with food trucks from around the region

The Tanque Verde Swap Meet will have a new addition thanks to United Flea Markets (UFM).

Food Truck Park coming to Pearland

Comida Park is the first food truck park for United Flea Markets and being that Coles Flea Market is adjacent to Comida Park we thought that integration of the flea market and the food truck park would be great for the community.

What’s in store? 2021 flea market predictions

The flea market industry will continue to evolve and prosper. ColoradoBiz covers Rob Sieban's outlook for 2021.

United Flea Markets Acquires Controlling Interest and Operation of Cole’s Antique Village and Flea Market in Houston, Texas

This acquisition marks United Flea Markets’ 15th property and the company’s first flea market in Texas.

United Flea Markets Acquires Treasure Aisles Flea Market in Monroe, OH

This acquisition marks United Flea Markets' 14th property and the first flea market in Ohio.

Mile High Flea Market Pivots for Socially Distant Entertainment

Very few sites offer the versatility that the Mile High Flea Market has. The open-air marketplace which sits on a whopping 80-acres near Henderson has no shortage of usage potential, many of which have come under great consideration as a result of the COVID-19 crisis as it continues to pummel the entertainment and events industries.

Markets are Reopening

Summer is finally here and markets are reopening! American Merchandiser talks about the reopening of flea markets and Rob Sieban gives insight on the reopening of UFM properties.

United Flea Markets Acquires Fleamasters Fleamarket in Fort Myers, FL

This acquisition marks United Flea Markets’ fourth flea market in Florida and 13thnationwide.

When Your Kids Don't Want to Run Your Flea Market

Parents often think their children will want to inherit both the assets of a business and the management, but familial duty doesn’t drive younger people today as much as it did their grandparents.

Flea Markets experience growth in the shadow of the circular economy

Resale activity represents $24 billion industry and is projected to hit $51 billion by 2023