What the Flea in ’23?: Top Predictions for Flea Markets in the Coming Year

Rob Sieban - CEO, United Flea Markets

It’s a new year which means only one thing: PREDICTIONS. In the flea market industry, consumer spending remains strong, but value remains a high priority. With a little more consistency returning in the coming year, here are a few of my thoughts on what to expect:

Experience Matters
Shoppers want more – more options, more experiences, more fun. Flea markets continue to evolve, becoming gathering places where visitors spend time with family and friends. At United Flea Markets, we operate 15 markets across the U.S. where we focus on a mix of excellent food, entertainment like rides for the kids and live music, and shopping for things like vintage finds, new items and fresh farmers market produce.

Side Hustles are Happening
People are looking for ways to supplement their incomes and keep up with the rising costs of basics like food, gas, and utilities. Today’s consumers want to get involved and sell their own products or clean out their closets to make some extra cash. Flea markets provide options for casual-to-serious sellers who can sell for one day or rent space to sell every weekend. Shopper numbers are also on the rise, providing a captive audience of buyers.

Every Dollar Counts
We expect consumers to become even more attentive to the value they’re getting for their dollar as inflation necessitates stretching budgets. While big box retailers that are already struggling with decreased consumer spending will have to take major steps to attract customers, flea markets are seeing an uptick in visitors who are seeking a one-stop shop to find everything they need, saving them time while providing quality products.

Observing traffic patterns, seller numbers, product variety, and more across our 15 markets is helpful in identifying trends. Seeing the growth in popularity in experiential, value-based shopping, we’re looking forward to continued increase in both buyer and seller numbers in an exciting year ahead.