Food Truck Park coming to Pearland

October 1, 2021 City Lifestyle Houston covers the new Food Truck Park - Comida Park - coming to Pearland, TX at Cole's Flea Market.

Food trucks and food truck parks are taking the world by storm and are becoming exquisitely popular all over. Major cities haven been the only regions awarded with these exciting food truck havens until now. Pearland will soon have its very own food truck parked filled with over forty food trucks!

What is Comida Park and what led to its vision?

Comida Park is a food truck park that will offer a variety of food options, beer and wine, and even live entertainment. Comida Park is the first food truck park for United Flea Markets and being that Coles Flea Market is adjacent to Comida Park we thought that integration of the flea market and the food truck park would be great for the community.

Why Pearland?

We love the diversity and family atmosphere that Pearland has to offer along with the rapid growth. We are really excited to be apart of the community and become strong supporters of the neighborhood while enhancing the lives of those who call Pearland home.

What makes food trucks so trendy?

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular due to the ease it brings to customers. Food truck parks have become the new "food court". The more successful food truck parks are those that offer a great variety with food and a fun atmosphere.

Will Comida Park travel?

Comida Park will be home to Pearland with no traveling. We really love the community and want Comida Park to become apart of the neighborhood. The park will be open seven days a week!