DOING BUSINESS WITH US: Creatively carrying on legacies The United Flea Markets view is long-term, as we are focused on owning and operating a family of diverse, well-capitalized, highly successful flea markets around the country. We have a vested interest in and respect for carrying on the legacies created by dedicated and immersed flea market owners. Leveraging a combination of available capital and a flat operating model, United Flea Markets is creative with terms, deal structure and timing. We carry no financing contingency and can close on a flea market within 90 days of an agreed-upon purchase contract. We strive to maintain existing flea market buyers, vendors and employees. In addition, we understand that experience and diversity represent an important component of a market’s value. We reinvest annually in our markets and work diligently to uncover the exceptional potential of each property to become the best place to shop, sell, work and spend the day.